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network-emulator is a simple utility intended to test how network losses and delays affect speech quality in VoIP-based applications. With this tool experimenter can set up loss rate, bandwidth, encoder options and select one of the packet loss suppression algorithm.

Emulator can help quickly obtain these measures:

Quality estimation may be carried out subjectively but the better way is to use automatic tests such as PESQ (reference implementation can be found at ITU-T official site). Network emulator only helps to obtain reference and degraded speech samples.

Download and build instructions

Latest network emulator can be downloaded from github. You can either download it with tarball or clone git reposltory.


$ git clone git://

Latest tarball or zipped file can be downloaded with given links.

In order to build network emulator from source it’s neсessary to download and build PJSIP library. To use some proprietary codecs as G.729 and/or G.723.1 one must follow the instructions from PJSIP project.

After PJSIP being downloaded and built you should set up enviromenent variable PJBASE in order to specify location of this library. Either you can run make command with this variable set up::

make PJBASE=... all

PJSIP libraries are compiled in statically, so in order to deploy or use just built application you don’t need to modify your LD_LIBRARY_PATH or include some parts of PJSIP in the distributed package. However Intel IPP codecs usage requires correctly adjusted environment.